How to Create Vampire Halloween Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and I am a licensed, professional make-up artist. I own a company called Roger Riggle Makeup. Today, we are going to do a Halloween transformation for you into a vampire with my assistant, Joshua Dubois. What we are going to show you today is how to design the vampire makeup, how to apply the face color, adding in the highlights and shadows to get an extremely good three-dimensional effect, setting all of the makeup so it will hold up for you all night. We are going to add fake hair on our vampire; we are going to color the real hair on the vampire. Then we are going to add some vampire bites to the neck of the vampire and then you will see the vampire in a full costume when we are done. For the vampire transformation, the products that you are going to need will be shown to you. First, I always use isopropyl alcohol and I squirt little bit of this on my hands to disinfect my hand before I start the makeup. Then I use witch hazel and a cotton pad to wipe down the face of the model. This removes all the extra oils and dirt that have accumulated during the day and allows the make-up to go on quite well on clean skin. We will also be using spirit gum which is a facial adhesive and with the spirit gum, I always have a little glass bottle of acetone because as we dry the spirit gum, we have to tap it on our fingers and you want to remove it from your fingers with a little acetone. We also have the spirit gum remover. Here is the blood. We will be using blood along with the Fresh Cut color liner that we discussed earlier and we of course would be adding some blood to the vampire bites and these are the vampire bites that we will be applying to the side of the neck. We also have a selection of synthetic brushes that we will need to use to paint in the colors, around the eyes, the shadows underneath the cheeks, etcetera, etcetera. These are non-latex sponges that we use to apply the foundation. When we are totally done, we powder everything to set the make-up for your whole night and we use Neutral Set Powder from Ben Nye. It looks white in color, but it really has no color and it is made for setting all bright colors. So that makes your job very easy and we apply the powder with a powder puff. We have a set of inexpensive vampire teeth that are always fun for the transformation. We have black hair coloring. This is black hair spray and it is very easy to put in your hair and it washes out with a single shampoo. And then we have fake hair, it kind of adds a more of a menacing look to the vampire. The colors that I will select for the vampire transformation will be P-41 which is called Fairest, so we will give this vampire kind of a very fair dead skin color. The shadowing that we will use on the vampire, we are going to use P-15 which is called Cadaver Grey. The colors that we will use here on the color liner palette for the vampire will be, this reddish color which is coded CL-131, its called Fresh Cut. We definitely need that for the vampire and we are going to use CL-22 Sky Blue for the vampire eyes. Almost all of the products are perfectly safe. There is one exception that I want you to be careful with and that is the spirit gum adhesive. Spirit gum is used to adhere quite a few things in the make-up industry. We are going to be applying the fake hair and the vampire bites to the vampire using spirit gum and you just want to be careful with spirit gum that you do not get it in the model's eyes. Especially, if you are working over the eye level, you want to make sure the model keeps their eyes closed so that the spirit gum does not drip in their eye accidentally from the brush that you were using. So for our vampire transformation, let's get started.