How to Create Witch Halloween Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and I am a licensed professional make-up artist. I own a company called Roger Riggle Make Up. Today we are going to do a witch for you, my assistant is here, Vanessa Strickland and we will show you an amazing transformation that is very easy for you to accomplish for your Halloween party and we will start with treating and coloring the prosthetics, applying the prosthetics to the face, applying all the color to the face of the witch. Then adding in the highlights and shadows so that you get a lot of definition in three dimensional form, how to set all of the make-up for your party, adding the wig and then a full costume to complete the whole outfit. The tools that we will be using for this witch transformation today are laid out in front of you. This is isopropyl alcohol which I put all over my hands to disinfect my hands before I start working. Then I take witch hazel with a cotton pad and I wipe down the face of the model to make sure that all the oils and dirts on the skin are perfectly cleaned so that the prosthetics can adhere to them extremely well. The next thing we need to do is to treat the prosthetics, these are made out of latex and so we need to treat the prosthetics with castor sealer, this is castor sealer. To glue the prosthetics on to the face we are going to use spirit gum and I also have a little glass bottle of acetone because I use this to keep the spirit gum off of my fingers after I have tapped and dried the spirit gum. Then we use liquid latex, liquid latex is the liquid rubber that these prosthetics are actually made out of and this helps to conceal the edges to the skin so that you dont see the edges hardly at all and then we have a remover for the spirit gum and the latex when the person has finished the night for Halloween. Additionally, we have the sponges to apply the colors with on the face, an assortment of synthetic brushes, make-up brushes. We have a powder puff and powder; this is Ben Nyes Neutral Set Powder which looks white but it has no color so you can put it on all colors that you use in a transformation. Additionally, we have a witch wig that we are going to put on after the make-up is all done and the colors that I have chosen today for the witch transformation are the forest green, which is coded CL-2 that means color liner number two and the yellow which we are going to use for the witch highlight, which is coded CL-5. Also we are going to be using black, which is CL-29. The color that I am going to choose for the witch foundation which is her skin tone would be a sallow green and this is coded P-14. The Ben Nye Company has also put together some packaging that makes your Halloween transformations easy. In this case they have put together four colors in a wheel and this is called a witch wheel. So these are almost all of the colors that you would need to make a facial transformation. They also have what they call is a Halloween Kit and this is a green witch, it comes with diagrams and step by step How-to procedures and in the kit is included a four color palette for you to use, a brush, again the sallow green for the witch skin color, a sponge to apply the foundation with and even make-up remover. A few safety tips for doing this transformation is to be careful with the adhesive that we put on the prosthetics with which is called spirit gum. Spirit gum is relatively safe on your skin, but you do want to be careful and not get it in your eye. So if you are working someone above the eye level with the spirit gum, you want to make sure that they do close their eyes in case there is a drip from the brush. Spirit gum is safely used on the skin and you can use it in hair if you want to. Liquid latex cannot be used in hair; liquid latex is a liquid rubber. We are going to be using that today to help conceal the edges of the prosthetics that we apply. But you do not want to put liquid rubber in hair such as your eyebrows or your head hair because it does not come out very, very easily. So be very careful with spirit gum and with liquid latex.

    My company is Roger Riggle Make Up and I sell a great amount of supplies for all different kinds of media and work in make-up. We also do air brushing and high definition television make-up and I sell a lot of make up for theatrical transformations and also for doing special effects such as casualty wounds and life saving moulage treatments for the army, for the navy and for several of the medical hospitals. So lets get started for this fantastic witch transformation for Halloween.