How To Cut A Chicken

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Tom Papoutsis demonstrates how to cut a full chicken.

    Tom Papoutsis: Hi! I am Tom Papoutsis. Today, we are doing chicken basics.

    First thing we are going to do is we are going to talk about how to cut the chicken up. What we want to do first is we are going to actually take it out of the package and we want to wash it. But before we do that, you have to remember whenever you buy especially one of these roasting chickens, they have typically the gizzards and necks and whatnot inside the body cavity. We got to pull those out and wash the chicken completely. There is a piece of cartilage right here. I am going to start with that cartilage. That's going to split back to the breastbone. I am going to take my knife, it's nice and sharp and I am going to roll down the breastbone. If you have to, use the heel of your hand, just strike it and cut it and now we have split that in half.

    This little tail, I am going to take and cut a V back into there and take that off. I start back here and I lay my knife right down across the top of the spine. Take the heel of your hand, strike it, cut down and we are going to do same thing here. Move the knife back a little bit, strike it, cut down and we are just going to saw it right down in half.

    Now we have got two halves of a chicken. So pull the wing back and there is a joint right in here. I am just going to go around that joint, there you can see right here is where our joint is. You can stick your knife in there and we are just going to pop that out. So just cut around it, just like that, release it, there is your wing. So I am going to cut this down in, so there is our leg and thigh. The joint is right here and you can move that around. You can feel where that joint is. I am going to come in, feel right on down through that joint. You have got your drumstick and you have got your thigh.

    This is the actual back and we are going to cut that out of there. This is what you will find in the store known as a split chicken breast. So we are going to make it boneless, skinless. I am going to come down, follow the cartilage in the bone of the breastbone and just very carefully, nice, sharp knife, we are going to cut that in, cut right on down in there and now I am going to take my knife and let it follow down along the ribs. As you see, the ribs right here, we are going to take the blade of the knife, I am going to bring the point of the knife right out like this and we are just going to follow that. You are going to run into the breastbone. As you can see, also I am going to do is cut that off. You have got a boneless, skinless chicken breast, just like you buy in a store. That's it.