How To Cut A Lemon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Jim Davis demonstrates how to cut a lemon.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you all the ways to cut a lemon.

    This is called a microplane grater; inexpensive, easy to find in any cooking store. All you do is hold our lemon in our hand and run the zester over it with the flip, and with the bottom side up, and that way it catches the zest and holds it for you.

    Remember, we don't want to get any of that bitter white part under the yellow. We want just the zest. Just that pretty yellow zest and that's how you zest a lemon.

    How To Cut A LemonCut it right in half and then we cut each half in half. It gives us a quarter and then we cut into a quarter. That is how you cut a lemon for service.

    How To Peel A LemonCut off the top and the bottom and then using a very sharp knife, we slice down between the lemon fruit and the white rind under the peel. You don't want that white bitter part of the rind under there. They're very, very bitter. We take that off this way. Then we will pick up our knife and we will just shave off what we didn't get in the first cut. You see how we just picked that right off, not a problem at all. That's how you peel a lemon.

    How To Slice A LemonUsually, we will use a lemon slice for a garnish. So we will cut off the heavy tail end of the lemon. Then we will cut it in a very fine thin slice like that. And we've got the lemon rind still on, so we want to use this for a garnish. So let's take that lemon. Take a thin piece of the lemon peel and just cut a little tiny slid in it. Lay that down on our plate as a garnish.

    Now if we've got our lemon already peeled, then we want to slice it for service. We will just simply slice it off and that's how you slice a lemon.

    How to Section a LemonNow to section, we are going to cut it right down between a little thin membrane. These you use to garnish a fresh fish dish. If you have just grilled a beautiful piece of flounder, and you take it off the grill. This is the kind of garnish you want to put on it. Just a little thin slice of perfected lemon sections.

    That's how you section a lemon.