How To Cut A Pear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows you how to cut pears.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you all the different ways to cut and slice pears. How To Core And Peel Pears - Now these pears that we're using today are Bosc pears, you can tell that by the light brown color of the skin. You'll also find D'Anjous and several other different types of pears in your market. All we want to do is peel off starting from the top working down so we keep that nice pear shape, all the way down to the bottom. We pull that skin off, there we go. We've got a nice peeled pear. Now, here's the good part, easy way to core a pear. I'm going to cut right down to the middle from the back to the stem, just like that. Lay the pear open. You can see the pear, we're going to cut out the little stem end down here with the little blossom end. Cut that out and then we're going to pull out the stem and we can pull it like that, right up and then we take just a little melon baller. Little round melon baler, put it right down in here and you can turn it around, pull out the core and that's how you peel and core a pear.

    How To Chop Pears - Now to chop it, we're going to cut it in half and then we'll cut it into just chunks like that and then to chop it, I'm going to do that by putting these together in this way. If you want to give those a finer chop, you can just do along the board with a knife and that is how you chop a pear.

    How To Slice Pears - Now to slice it, we're going to cut it in half and you can actually slice it in two different ways. If you want, you can slice it this way, again using my fingers, my knuckles as a guide and then by keeping finger nail behind my knuckle. I can slice a pear this way or if you're making for instance a pear tart and you want to maintain the shape of the pear. You hold it up and so that you got you flat side down. Then we just slice it this way. And that is how you slice a pear.

    How To Dice Pears - I am going to cut it first into quarters, then we'll cut it into about quarter inch thick slices, like that and after we've sliced it in that direction then we're going to take it again and slice it the opposite direction, right like this, quarter of an inch thick like that. Now we've got our pear cut into strips, a length of the pear and a quarter on an inch square. Now we simply dice the pear in quarter inch slices and that's how you dice a pear.