How to Cut an Onion

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows you all the different ways to do onions without crying.

    Jim Davis: Hi, I'm Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. Today, we're going to show you all the different ways to do onions without crying. How to cut an onion without crying - First, using a very sharp knife, I'm going to cut off the top of the onion. You notice, when I lay my knife down, I lay it down so that the blade is away from my hand, so that I don't cut myself. I'm going to peel the onion. And since we're slicing it whole, we're going to have to take off the entire outside layer of the onion like this. Then holding the onion with my fingers like a claw, I'll hold them so that I can't cut my fingers with the knife. Then taking a long slow slice, I slice down and forward on the blade, down and forward on the blade, down and forward and I have nice perfect onion slices. Just like that. As you're making these slices, you'll want to determine exactly how thick you want them. You can make them very thin like this or you can make them thicker like this. How to chop an onion - First, a little onion anatomy, that's the top. That's the bottom. We want to cut off the top, just like that. And then we want to cut the onion in half like that and peel it after we've cut it in half. It's much easier to peel this way. So we cut it off. Pull off the outside layer of onion. Get onion down.

    First, we're going to make small cuts so that they go all the way to the board but not through the back of the onion. You notice that. I'm cutting all the way through but not to the back of the board, okay. So my onion is cut in leaves. Now I simply put it down and slice it. It's thin as I wanted. That is how you chop an onion without crying. How to dice an onion - This time, we're going to make our cuts the same way. Only this time, they're about a quarter-of-an-inch to a half-an-inch apart, depending on the size dice that you want for your onion. Now slices. And there we have diced onion. How to mince an onion - Now to mince the onion, we're going to take small, very small vertical slices in our onion that are going to going toward the back and all the way to the cutting board but not cutting through the back of the onion so that the onion is all held together by the root ball. So we've got the little leaves of onion. Then we're going to take one slice of the onion back this way. Let's separate a little bit by there. Then we're going to slice it very thin. And the thinner the slice is the finer the minced onion. You'll notice, I keep my fingers out of the way of the sharp knife. That's how you mince an onion.