How to Cut and Peel a Watermelon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Carson, radio personality and cook shows you how to cut and slice a watermelon.

    Rob Carson: Hi, my name is Rob Carson, I am a radio personality and I cook and today I am not going to be cooking. Today I am going to show you how to cut and slice a watermelon, but I am actually going to peel the watermelon so the rind isn't even a part of the equation. What you'll need obviously is a ripe watermelon, a cutting board, a sharp knife, be careful with the sharp knife around your fingers of course and a big serving bowl.

    Now when you are choosing a watermelon there are a lot of people who will say you thump it with your fingers, you could slap it with your hand. I tend to slap it with my hand because it gives you a deep resonating thump through the melon. It should sound almost kind of hollow. If it sounds really -- if it's well thud, it's not ripe. This one, is just ripe, alright.

    First thing I am going to do is I am going to cut it in half. I was right, it's ripe. Then I am going to take and lay it down flat on the cutting board. Next, carefully, carefully watch your fingers, I am going to cut just the top of the melon off and it will make sense in just a second when I show you why. Okay, so you want to obviously get down to the flesh, I'll use that later. Now here is where the peeling comes in, and this is really cool.

    You just go down to melon like this, all the way around the melon. You know when you were kid, there used to be a big old slice of watermelon. Now it's seedless and now you don't need to worry about the rind. I got a seeded watermelon the other day, my son is eight years old, he had a piece of it and goes, "Dad what are these black things?

    " I said those are seeds, kids are really spoiled. So there you go guys. A fully peeled watermelon, you are wasting very little bit of the flesh and you don't even need to be worry about the rind anymore.

    What am I going do here is I am going to cut it up, for my family, for later. There you go. You have got fresh cut watermelon, ready to serve, ready to throw in a fruit salad, very simple and very good, enjoy it.

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