How To Cut Apples

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows you how to cut apples.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you all the ways to cut an apple.

    How to core and peel applesUsing our yoke peeler, we simply pull off our peel, then we cut our apple in half and cut it in half again, so that we end up with quarters of the apple. Then taking our paring knife, simply cut down so we pull out the seedpod and the end of the peel, seedpod and end of the peel. That's how you peel and core an apple.

    How to chop applesWe are cutting quarter-inch slices, then turn it around, cut those same slices again and then we are going to simply dice our apple and there you have perfectly chopped apple.

    How to slice applesTo slice our apple, we simply put it on the board and using our knife, our knuckle as a guide, slice the apple and that's how you slice an apple.

    How to dice applesWe lay it down on this side, and we slice small thin slices, about an eighth of an inch apart. We lay those slices down and we cut them in strips, about an eighth of an inch again. Then we turn our strips and we simply slice them off into a small diced apple. Perfect for salad, that's how you dice an apple.

    How to quarter applesFirst we peel it, remove all the peel, all the peel comes off, then we take our chef's knife, we cut it in half and we cut it in half again, right through the middle of the core. We take our paring knife, pull out the seeds, stem, little bit of peel at the end, do it very quickly and all, like all that till that ugly stuff comes out of there. That's how you quarter an apple.