How To Cut Cauliflower

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to cut cauliflower.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you all the ways to cut cauliflower florets.

    How To Cut Cauliflower FloretsFirst thing, we want to take our knife and remove the heavy stem from the head of cauliflower. Then taking our paring knife we want to pick out each of those dark green leaves and cut them off, just like this.

    We want to get those out of the way; they are not very good to eat. Cut those all away. Then we just get down inside and we cut off cauliflower floret and pull it out, just like that. Then we cut out another one and we pull it out just like that, and then another one.

    See, what we are doing we are just going around the stock and cutting out each little cauliflower flower. Then when we get down to the big head, we just cut off that stem, and then we cut our cauliflower florets a little bigger. We don't cut through the head. We don't want to have sharp edges up there. So we just split the cauliflower so that the heads are appeared to be all normal.

    That is how you cut cauliflower florets.