How To Cut Chicken Breasts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows us how to remove boneless, skinless breast from the chicken.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you now how to remove boneless, skinless breast from the chicken. This is the prime part of the chicken.

    First of all, we are going to remove the wings. Using our boning knife, we get in right down there to where the joint is and cut that little rascal out of there, just like that. And we cut the other wing out, and we go down to where the joint comes together, cut that one out. So now we have got our wings removed.

    I will go and jam it up a little bit so it looks good. We are going to remove the leg and thigh. And to do that, so we are going to cut the chicken so that we cut the skin, so we don't cut into the meat, and all the way down. So you see, we have not the cut the meat yet.

    So now we get down here. I am going to separate thigh from the back cage, separate that bone out. I am going to cut down and around, through that joint. Making sure we pick up the meat from the oyster, that's what most people say is the best part of the chicken.

    So there's our leg and thigh. We will do the same thing on this side, cutting just skin. So we get down here, separate out the leg and thigh again, and again, we cut down around, so we pick up the oyster. This is easy to do at home; you can cut up a chicken yourself in just a matter of minutes.

    So this is our leg and our thigh. Now we are going to separate our breast from the breast of the chicken. And what we do is, if you we feel along the center, you can feel the keel bone, the center bone of the breast. So go right down like this. And now we use our finger and go right down along there. And we use just the tip of the knife. And we turn it around, so that now we kind of turn our knife blade to follow along the ribcage. So now the rib is coming down this way. This is the rib bone, the keel bone. So now we are just pulling it out, and then cutting it off, right down to the rib, just like that. And we get down to the end of the chicken.

    What we are doing now is cutting through the wishbone. So here's the wishbone, pull it out. We should grab hold of that wishbone and pull it right out with our fingers. And here is our boneless thigh. So here's our breast. We are going to pull the skin off of it now, just like this, kind of trim it up a little bit. And here we have probably the choice piece of the breast, this is the tenderloin. So we are going to pull off the tenderloin, just like that. So now we have a beautiful tenderloin, trim up the breast a little bit here. And that's how you cut a boneless, skinless breast from a whole chicken.

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