How To Cut Chicken Wings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows us how to separate the wings from a chicken.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. Today I am going to show you how to separate the wings from a chicken. So you can fix those good Buffalo wings yourself. Little bit of chicken anatomy, the back where the wings are attached, the breast, legs and thighs. We are going to remove the wings. First we are going to turn the bird over on his back. We are going to pick up our boning knife. We are going to cut right down through the skin. So we get down to that little joint there where it hooks to the back and cut right through there. Sometimes it's easier said than done just like that. There is that wing. On this side we are going to do the same thing. Pick it up cut down on through here till we see that joint and just cut the point right off. Then the next thing we do is we remove the wing tip. There is no meat on this so there is no need to keep it on there waist time in messing with it. Just cut that off.

    Now we've cut the wing tip off. Now let's separate this into a little tender line bone. We have two parts of wings that we are going to fix. Just go right through that little web skin there down to the skin, to the joint. Cut the joint apart. And now we have our wings ready for Buffalo wings. Up next how to remove boneless, skinless breast from chicken.