How to Cut Cilantro and Juice a Lime for Guacamole

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Alfio demonstrates how to cut cilantro and juice a lime for guacamole.

    Now, I am going to cut the cilantro first, its going to be one of the first things that I am going to do, then the lemon juice. So, we have some cilantro leaves here already prepared. I am going to show you how to cut it, its the technique to cut cilantro for the guacamole. We put all together, all the leaves, like this way. It is better if you have just the leaves. Alright, you can put it like this way, its okay. Then you put it all together in your left hand, like this. Then with your chef knife you have to cut it like this way, alright, thats it, very fine. So, now we are going to put here the cilantro, and now we are going to squeeze the lemon. So, we cut it into half and we take this one and were going to get the lemon juice.