How To Cut Fennel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows you how to cut fennel.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis for Harris Teeter, and I'm going to show how to cut fennel.

    All About Fennel Fennel is a root vegetable, grown in the ground. This is the bulb and the edible portion. The top is the fennel fronds, and that's not edible. However, some recipes will call for you to save these fronds and chop them up and use them as a garnish in your dish.

    So we're going to talk about how to save these, and how to prepare the root for use.

    How To Chop Fennel First thing we're going to do is cut just a little slice off of the bottom, the root, and pull off the stained outer leaves of the root. If it slightly stained, you can use a peeler to remove it. We want to remove that heavy outer leaves.

    Now we're going to remove the fennel fronds, and as you can see we're going to cut them right next to the bulb. That's our edible fennel bulb. These are the fronds that we may want to use and save for a garnish later.

    To chop the fennel, we're going to cut it first in half and then, we're going to cut out this little core, right here. Then, we're going to chop our fennel into pieces, and then cross cut. You can smell the liquorish when you do that dice of fennel. And that's how you chop fennel.

    How To Slice FennelNow we take our fennel bulb, trim just a little bit off of the bottom. If it's got some marks on it that you don't like to looks up, just take your peeler, and peel it off. If they are heavy and dark, then you may want to remove that outer leaf.

    Now we've got a nice clean fennel bulb. We want to cut it in half like that. We're going to cut out this little heart, this hard heart out of the center of the fennel. Then we're going to slice it crosswise, just like this. Holding with my fingers, knuckle as a guide, finger back, we slice the fennel. That's how you slice fennel.

    How To Dice FennelWe're first going to cut it in half, and then we're going to cut it into small strips lengthwise. Then, we're going to lay it down, cut it lengthwise one time. You can't see that. We cut lengthwise one time. Then we're gong to lay it down, and cut it into a dice. That's how you dice fennel.