How To Cut Garlic

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows you all the various ways to prep garlic.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I Jim Davis for Harris Teeter and I'm going to show you all the various ways to prep garlic.

    How To Chop Garlic This is a head of garlic, and this is a clove of garlic. Always remember the difference when you are counting for your recipe.

    We're going to take our clove of garlic, just lay it on the board, smack it with the side of our knife. That loses up the paper, we'd peel it off. We cut off the little hard piece on the back. Then put our knife down against our garlic, again smack it, and now we just walk our knife through it, and there we have chopped garlic.

    How To Slice Garlic First of all, we break the head into cloves, and remember the difference. This is a head, this is a clove.

    I am going to smack it with just a little bit to take the paper off, back of our knife, and then we cut off the little tail piece. And then using our fingers like a claw, we hold the knuckle forward, and we just take little slow slices off of our garlic. Then you notice, I am using that knife against my knuckle, so that I don't cut my finger. That's how you slice garlic.

    How to Mince Garlic Cut off the little back end. This time we are going to take little small cuts in our garlic, and then we are going to turn it, and cut it this way. Then to get a fine mince, we're simply going to walk our knife by holding down this edge with your left hand if you are right-handed or your right hand if you are left-handed, and walk your knife through the garlic until you get the desired mince that you want. That's how you mince garlic.

    How To Paste GarlicSo what we are going to do is we are going to paste it, so that you can put it into that dish of dip and not make any difference. First, we are going to smack it down with our knife. Then we are going to run our knife through that garlic. And then we are going to walk our knife through it and mince it down to a fine minced garlic.

    Then we are going to take a little bit of kosher salt. We use kosher salt because it's a little bigger grain. We add a little bit of kosher salt to our garlic. Remember to account for that in your recipe.

    Then taking your knife blade, hold it down firmly with your left hand and pull it through the garlic. You can hear the salt grinding. Hear like the salt grinding up the garlic. All we are doing is just mining it with the edge of the blade. You can continue to do that until you get the paste level that you want. And that's how you paste garlic.