How To Cut Grapefruit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to cut grapefruit.

    Jim Davis: Hi I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you all the ways to cut a grapefruit.

    How To Zest A GrapefruitUsing a microplane grater we will just push the grater down. If you use it upside down, this way, you just get the yellow portion off the skin of the grapefruit and that's all you want. Remember everything that's underneath this yellow is very bitter. So we just want that little bit of yellow that's on the surface. This is a different microplane, but it's the same with a little bit bigger shred. Again, we're only taking the yellow off the very edge of the surface, the very top edge of the surface.

    That's how you zest a grapefruit.

    How To Cut A GrapefruitI'm first, going to cut right directly in half. Beautiful ruby red Texas grapefruit. Next, we're going to take a grapefruit knife or specialty knife that you buy at the Dollar Store. We went down between the rind of the grapefruit and cut the individual section, just like that, all the way around. Then if you've got a grapefruit spoon, you simply push down between little segments.

    That's how you cut a grapefruit.

    How To Peel A GrapefruitThis is a beautiful Texas ruby red grapefruit. We're going to cut off the bottom, look at that, and we'll cut off the top like that. Put it down; we're going to take our knife, we go right down along between the white part of the skin and the meat of the grapefruit. We take it right down like that all the way around. If you've got a very sharp knife, it makes the job much, much easier.

    And this is a very sharp knife. I find that it is much safer to keep my knife sharp. Don't let them get dull. When I keep them sharp they go where I want then to go. We just pick it up and we take our knife and carefully trim off pieces that we missed as we peeled them on, peeled that grapefruit.

    And that's how you peel a grapefruit.

    How To Slice A GrapefruitI'm going to use a grapefruit and use it as a garnish on a big fruit salad. I take about a quarter of an inch slice. Cut off the top and the bottom and take about a quarter of an inch slice, like that. It makes a beautiful garnish and if you would like, you can cut a notch on it like that. Then we just hang it over the side of our fruit salad bowl.

    We've sliced our grapefruit with the rind on, now we are going to take a peeled grapefruit and will slice it off. This is what you use for a fruit salad. Just cut it off in slices about quarter of an inch thick like that.

    That's how you slice a grapefruit.

    How To Section A GrapefruitThis is the best way for presentation of a grapefruit if you're going to use in fruit salad or something like that. First of all we cut the peel off, remembering that we're cutting off the white bitter part of the peel. That's the rind that we want to get rid of because it is so bitter. The sharper your knife, the easier the job is. We're going to touch that up, take it off a little bit.

    Then we see these sections divided by the little membranes, we'll cut just on the inside of that section. Then we want to cut just on the inside of the other closing membrane and look at that.

    And that is you section a grapefruit.