How To Cut Kiwi

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to cut a kiwi.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you now how to chop a kiwi.

    First, we are going to cut off the top and the little hard bottom which is kind of hard to cut off sometimes. Then we are going to finish peeling it. We are going to peel it right down from the top to the bottom with a regular peeler. You find that inside once you start peeling the kiwi, it's getting very slick, which is kind of hard to hold on to. So hold it carefully so you don't hurt yourself, okay.

    Then I am just going to hold it, I am going to cut it in half, and we will cut it in half again. Then we are going to cut each half in here each quarter in here like that, that, that. Like that.

    Now we just put them together. Now if you want them little finer, you just put them together and we walk our knife through them just like that. And that's how you chop a kiwi.

    Up next, how to slice a kiwi.

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