How To Cut Oranges

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to cut oranges.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis for Harris Teeter and I am going to show all the various ways to cut oranges.

    How To Zest An OrangeThese are beautiful navel oranges. I am using what referred to is a microplane grater. This is a very fine grater and all we have to do is put it against the orange and peel just the orange portion off of that orange. That we don't want to get any of the white that's under this orange. That's very bitter, the white part is very bitter. So we do it this way with the microplane and that's what our zest look like.

    This is also a microplane, only this one is just a little coarser and it does the same thing, only it takes it off just a little bit bigger pieces. And again we are not taking any of the white from underneath; we are taking just the yellow off of the orange. And that is how you zest an orange.

    How To Cut An OrangePut it down so that we can center of the top. We want to cut right down through the middle, just like that, all the way to the bottom. Look at that orange, look at that. We are going to take that and we are going to cut it in quarters and then because of the size of this orange we are going to cut it in eight. Carefully cut it down through this so that your knife doesn't slip off. Remember to keep your knife sharp that way it will go where you want it to go instead of sliding all over the place. There are our sliced oranges for serve.

    How To Peel An OrangeWe cut off the top and we cut off the bottom, then we stand it up on that flat piece, just take our knife and run down just underneath the white pith of the orange, like that and go all the way around. Then after we get all that cut off, we go back and take a very sharp chef's knife. We just trim off the pith that we missed as we were peeling our orange off. So this is how we peel orange in an easy way. That gives you all the pith you bit up on the orange.

    We are just going to slice it with the peeled one. Slice it off until we get down to the place where we got a nice piece of orange showing like that. Then you want to slice it about an eighth of an inch thick. See that, beautiful. Then we take our peeled orange and we slice it the same way. Slice it about an eighth of an inch thick and that's how you slice an orange.

    How To Section An OrangeWhat we are going to do is we are going to peel our orange. All the way down getting rid of all that white pith on the orange. Cutting off of the bottom. We take our knife and we just remove all that white pith that was left on over we didn't get in the first cut.

    Keep your knife very sharp. This is a real easy process. You know they say the sharpest -- they say the best tool and the safest tool in the kitchen is a sharp knife. Most dangerous tool in the kitchen is the dull knife, because the dull knife will go where it wants to go; the sharp knife will go where you want it to go. So that is how we peel our orange. Now to section or perfect an orange, we are simply going to take our knife and we are going to go right down the side of the membrane that divides the sections. Then we are going to go get down the other side and we can pull out the section. We remove the membrane. That's how you section an orange.

    We will do another one. Another section and then we take another section. Again, sometimes you'll have the membrane stick to the section, just take the fingers and pull it on. Then we will get another one.

    That is how you present an orange to make your favorite dessert, garnish beautifully with the section of orange and that's how you section an orange.