How To Cut Pineapple

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to cut pineapple.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you now all the ways to cut a pineapple.

    How to Core and Peel a pineapple.

    A lot of people don't buy fresh pineapple because it looks like an imposing task. Sharp knife, cut off the top. If you want you can even save that for a garnish later.

    Now we have got a beautiful pineapple with center hard core. We are going to remove that, we'll remove a slice from the bottom, just like that. We stand our pineapple up flat, and we start cutting off, down along the side, and careful we have to cut deep enough to cut out all those little eyes in there, just like that.

    Now you can, some people will actually cut a pineapple and then cut circles around to cut out the eyes, I think they think they may save a little bit of pineapple that way, but I think it's probably more work than it just worth. I am just going to peel off this way. I am going to cut out most of those eyes, those are not bitter but they are very sharp, and actually you cut yourself, if you are not careful. Okay, so that's how you peel a pineapple.

    Now to core, we are going to look right down the center of it, you see this hard yellow part, right directly in the center of the pineapple, that's the core. What we are going to do, we are going to cut right down through the middle of the pineapple just like that. Now we can see that long core that run right up through the middle. Move this out of the way here. By the way, do not, do not put pineapple down your garbage disposal, it will cost you a lot of money.

    Now we are going to take that core, we are going to cut right down through it again in quarters just like that. Oops! It run away from you too, it got slick. Now we have got our pineapple cut and you can see that core, we are going to cut it out, just like that. There is a cut and cored and peeled pineapple.

    How to slice a pineappleFirst, we are going to cut off the top, just like that. We might want to keep that for a garnish later on. If we are going to use this for a big garnish, for a big fruit bowl, you cut off a slice just like this and then you take a cutter, cookie cutter and you cut out the core, and there you have a beautiful slice of pineapple for the garnish on a big dish of fruit salad.

    I will peel the pineapple and show you then how to cut slices from the peeled pineapple. I've just finished now peeling our pineapple and we've got a beautiful ripe golden pineapple. We want to slice it about a half an inch thick, just like that. Nice, thick slices. Put those down, take a cookie cutter around, cookie cutter and just punch out the core. Now look at that, that's how you slice a pineapple.

    How to Dice a pineappleWe peeled our pineapple and we are going to cut off some slices from it, just like that and we have to cut out the core using a small little round cookie cutter we will cut out the core, like that. Then to dice it, we simply cut it in half, cut it in quarters, then in eights and look at there, beautiful golden diced pineapple.