How To Cut Tomatoes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows you how to cut tomatoes.

    Jim Davis: Hi, I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. Today I'm going to show you all the different ways to cut peel and seed tomatoes.

    First the Italian plum tomato, we cut in half lengthwise, right through the middle and then quarter it right there, and then simply take your fingers and remove the tomato, remove the seed part, just like that, or you can cut the seed part out just like that. Either way is effective, both works, seeded Italian tomato. This tomato is a Florida hothouse tomato, to seed it we're going to cut it in half right on the equator, and then we're going to take our finger and simply put your finger in tomato and pull out the seed part in the center, just like that. The other way you can do that is to pick it up and simply squeeze it, and squeeze out the seeds. That's how you seed a tomato.

    I just previously seeded these tomatoes what makes them much easier to chop. These are the Italian plum tomatoes, and this is the standard round tomato. For the Italian tomato we're going to cut it first into strips, just about a quarter of an inch wide like that. Remember, it's much easier to cut tomatoes if you cut them on the inside rather than the outside. Then just cut them crossways, like that. Now for this tomato we're going to cut it in half, and we're going to cut out the internal veins and then we are going to do exactly the same thing, cut it in long strips and then cut it crossways. Remember, it takes a really sharp knife to cut tomatoes. And that is how you chop a tomato.

    To dice a tomato, we cut it into very thin strips, just like that, one eighth of an inch wide. Then turn them crossways on a cutting board, and look at that. Diced tomatoes, perfectly diced. That's how you dice a tomato.

    The tomato we're using is a beefsteak tomato, you can tell that by the rough surface around the top, the stem end of the tomato. We're going to lay our tomato down, hold it up in a vertical position and using a very sharp scalloped edge knife or a tomato knife. We just take a slice right straight of the bottom like that. And then typically about a quarter of an inch thick, look at that, beautiful, thick slices of tomato. That's how you slice a tomato.

    First thing is we take the tomato and on the blossom end, just a little small X with a sharp knife, just a small X, then we'll put it into the boiling water for just a minute or two, let them bubble around and loosen the skin. Okay our tomatoes have been steaming for about two minutes. We're going to take them out of the boiling water now and put them in ice water. Get them ready to peel. It takes just a couple of minutes in the hot boiling water. Now we're ready to peel out tomatoes. We're going to remove it from the ice water, lay it on a towel and just take that extra moisture off of it. And you can see how the skin has loosened up and you just take your fingers and pull that skin right off. Sometimes that separates on you, but it's no big deal. Just pull that skin right off. Tomatoes have a very tight skin and the only way that you can peel them without loosing a lot of tomato is by using the boiling water technique. And that's how you peel a tomato.