How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cheri Hennessy of the Christmas Attic in Old Town Alexandria demonstrates how to decorate a Christmas tree.

    Sherry Hennessy: Hi I am Sherry Hennessy. I am here at the Christmas Attic in Old Town Alexandria. I am going to show you how to decorate a Christmas tree today.

    Today's video series we're going to show you how to decorate a tree with a nutcracker sweet theme. I am going to show you how to decorate a mantle and a tree to match. We are going to show you how to put a small tree on a trunk with a little house and create a Christmas scene, if you're on tight on space and you don't have room for big full Christmas tree. We're going to show you how to fix a Christmas ornament. If you happen to drop one of your very expensive Christmas ornaments, there is a trick to fixing them.

    The tools and materials that you'll need today are pretty simple. You need a box of ornament hooks, some floral wire, preferably not with the material on the outside, just the straight wire, and a small ladder or a step stool. When decorating a Christmas tree, you always want to keep safety in mind. One of the most important things is to have a very sturdy either ladder or step stool and make sure that you're not over reaching. Get your ladder right close up to the tree. One of the most important things to remember is to anchor your Christmas tree to something after it's decorated. If you get too many ornaments on one side, you may come downstairs and find your treats on the ground, flat on the ground. So all you need to do to avoid this is to take a wire and to wire it up to either a small nail that you put into a windowsill or you can wire it to a banister but just try to find some way to attach your tree to something sturdy so that it doesn't fall over. So before we begin, let me just tell you a little bit about me and the Christmas Attic. The Christmas Attic is here in Old Town Alexandria. It's a family run business. It's been in our family for 35+ years. I have kind of lost track because I've been here since I was 10 years old. The Christmas Attic is a full service Christmas store. It's a year around Christmas store. Any time that you need Christmas decorations you can come here. Our biggest specialty, I've got to say, Christmas ornaments. So most of our business is, in fact, specialty unusual Christmas ornaments and decorations.

    Let's get started. Let's start decorating our Christmas tree.