How to Dice Onions and Seed Tomatoes for Guacamole

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Alfio demonstrates how to dice onions and seed tomatoes for Guacamole.

    So, now we are going to cut the onion. You have a regular onion, so you cut it into half. Then we take out the skin, have to peel it a little bit. Then we are going to make a small dice, and we go here, here.

    So, then we have the tomato. Naturally were going to cut it, same like the other. I cut it into half, and we take out this. Now, were going to take out the seeds, with a small spoon you can take out the seeds. Now, were going to make some cuts. Then we put it together, alright, like that, I can have some really nice squares of tomato.