How to Disconnect the Electricity on a Dishwasher

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy-man Hans Vatter demonstrates how to disconnect the electrical supply.

    Hans Vatter: Hi, I am Hans Vatter and today we are removing a dishwasher. In this clip, we are going to be removing the access panel and disconnecting the electrical supply. The first thing that we are going to do is we are going to remove this access panels. They are located at the bottom of the dishwasher and there are four screws that hold this on. One on each side on the lower cover that hold these two covers on. There is a lower cover and an upper cover. There is a screw on each corner on the lower part and there is one screw on each corner on the upper part.

    We are going to take the bottom screws off first. We can either use a nut driver or a Phillips screwdriver. You can see how the nut is either -- you can easily remove. Now we will do the second one. Once we have them both removed we put the screws up out of the way so that we step on them or kneel on them and cause ourself physical pain.

    Now we will remove the top cover screw. We are going to use a nut driver in this case again. Okay now the other side. Okay now set this to a side. These covers when you remove them it allows access to the electrical and the water lines. This is your electrical connection box here and over here is your water solenoid valve where the water line is hooked up to, this is 3/8 copper and we will use a 9/16 Open-end wrench to disconnect that or the 6-inch crescent. On the electrical where you are going to use a Phillips head screwdriver or your quarter-inch nut driver to remove the cover but before we do that, we are going to make sure that the electricity is turned off to this unit and we will also shut the water off.

    Now we are going to remove the electrical cover. There is screw like thing on this particular one at the top of the box. The cover swings downs and has a little hands on the bottom of this particular one. Once we get the cover removed it exposes the wire. We want to remove the wires from the box and we will take the wire nuts off. Now remember we have already disconnected the electricity so these wires won't hurt you. They are already dead. Now if we feel better we will test them again. It's always safe to be safe.

    Once the wire and nuts are disconnected we are going to remove the wire from the back of the box. Now there might be an electrical clamp on the back which we would have to remove the box from the dishwasher to get to that. This particular dishwasher does not have electrical clamp on the back holding the wire. Here we go. Now we are going to cover disconnecting the water.