How to do a Fake Trauma Wound Over the Eye

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Special Effects Makeup Artist Jesse Lechok shows how to do a fake trauma wound over the eye.

    Jesse Lechok: My name is Jesse Lechok and we are here at the Tom Savini's School of Special-Effects Makeup. What we're going to do now is a trauma wound. These are used often used for bites and things of that nature, but I want to do something on Rudy's eye, because it's fun and it looks really interesting.

    The first thing you're going to do, you want to take a K-Y Jelly and you're going to block out the eyelashes and the eyebrows, because you're going be putting stuff over this area. You've to be extremely careful when working around the eyes. We're going use the same basic materials, liquid latex, we are going to use our bruise wheel. You want to make sure that the eyelashes are greased up very well, very carefully, because you don't want get any latex in there.

    We're going use toilet paper to cover the eye, but first we're going to build the layer for spittle sponge around the edge of the eye where we intend to sort of anchor this thing. So I am going to start up here. Meanwhile close your eyes, Rudy.

    Rudy: Alright.

    Jesse Lechok: Latex has ammonia in it and that's what it keeps from coagulating. So it's not the greatest smelling stuff in the world and some people are very sensitive to it. As I said at the beginning you want to make sure that you test for latex allergy, because some people do have that; that's it's very important. Never forget to test! This gives us base to work off of.

    Now I am going to take some toilet paper and I am just going to cover his eye. I want get this to kind of contour around shape of the eye itself. We are going to eliminate any excess that we don't need. And you may need to use more latex to set this into the position and go over the top it and pan out and get it up underneath in there and try to take it down. We've just building up, we have built our first layer and this is going to give you a platform off of which you're going to base your make up.

    Basically, we're just going to build a sort of protective shield over his eye using latex and toilet paper and then using as a platform, you will do your make up over top of it and you're creating a three-dimensional illusion that there is hole there; that there is no eyeball, it's just an empty socket. You've to build up gradually around it to sort of create the depth that you need. The main thing is to really cover the eye and protect it.

    I would say that you're going to build about 5 or 6 layers on here, but it varies depending on what you're going for and how much time you have actually to do it, but you want it to be very thick and you want to be protective. Also, the edges when you build up there you sort of have to determine that as you go, how many layers it's going to take. Basically, you build it up until it looks good, until it looks real.

    So we've finished building up the latex layers. What I did was I built sort of a ledge all the way around again covering and shielding the eye with latex and tissue paper and I used a little bit of tissue paper and just built this ledge and what we're going to do is we're going to shade the entire eyeball, completely out, we're going to paint it black. So that will immediately create illusion of depths and then we're going to shade and blend out from there using a bruise wheel and a burn wheel.

    I am going to go in with some gel blood and some of the base skin tone color. I want to start building up this edge, so that it looks like part of his face and I want to start deepening this and making it look more three-dimensional. We're going to use a lot of gel blood also to make this thing look very fleshy and organic and like something really bad just happened. You really want to build it thick in those areas. You want hide anything bright, these little spots that have turned up on me.

    A tissue paper can be problematic sometimes, especially if you don't have enough latex over top little tear on you. So you just have to be very careful and very gentle as you are working this around.

    So I went back in with some gel blood, with some reds, we filled this entire center area that was painted black underneath. So it's totally opaque, you can't see anything there. I went back in and I took away some of the gel blood, so you can kind of see some flesh tone under here. I went over some light reds and just blend it some reds out into the flesh tone and made it try to vanish into the skin, but as you can see, move your head around a bit, you've totally created illusion of depth there. It looks like it's got a bullet hole through his head or something. His eyeball is completely gone. And you can use that trick on any other surface on the face on the body anywhere, but that is basic trauma wounds.