How to Do a Men’s Home Manicure

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Grooming Lounge co-founder Pirooz Sarshar explains how to do a men’s home manicure.

    Pirooz Sarshar: Hi! Im Pirooz Sarshar, Co-Founder of the Grooming Lounge. Im showing you the basics of mens hand and feet grooming. Now Im going to teach you how to do an at home manicure. While, its perfectly masculine to get a professional manicure, if getting one in public, is just too much for you to handle, then bolt the door, sit yourself at home and just knock it up. Use the Nail Brush with a soap to clean under your finger nails, just like this, just like this and you can also use the edge to clean underneath the finger nails, just like so okay. Next, you want to soak your hands in warm water for a minute or two to soften the hands and nails. You want to dry your hands and you want to use your nail file to clean beneath your nails. There is a lot of dirt and bacteria underneath, so you want to take your time doing this and the way we do this, is by taken the sharp edge of the file just like this and just start getting rid of all that dirt and bacteria. Now you dont want to go back and forth because you dont want to push the bacteria back and you just want to go one direction, so watch as I do this. I am going to start here and go all the way around, just like this, alright and you can see a little bit of that dirt and bacteria that I had underneath my nail right there.

    After youve done this, the next step is to wash your hands again because you dont want to start doing a manicure with all this dirt and bacteria thats sorted came out. After youre washing hands, you want to begin trimming your nails using your clippers. They go with thin white strip at the end. So watch, Im going to start from one edge here, just like this, very lightly and if you notice that clipper actually catches the nail. Ive gotten pretty good at this because, I was like I said, I learn how to do this when I was about 4 years old and Ive been doing it every week since. So look at the difference between my two thumbs, see the nail on this side and my nail on this side. I mean the buff or filed or even any on the next steps. You already see a big difference and notice there is -- there is not any mess anywhere, there is no nails flying anywhere. So by the time I am done, this will be a very clean and neat process, so I can start here again, leave myself a little white strip, take my time and go all the way around and this seems like such a simple skill but we have to teach guys how to do this all the time because most men dont know how to cut their nails in right way, they either cut too short or the shape is a little bit off. So as I take this off, look at all the nails that come up, okay. So its very neat, very organized, it hasnt gotten everywhere. I havent created a big mess. Next, what you want to do is you want to smooth the edges of your nails, using a nail file, just like the one we showed you earlier, okay. So you want to keep in mind for only go in one direction, not back and forth like a saw. Just like this and Im using it to smooth out, any rough ridges in any way. One thing I wanted to tell you guys and I am going to show you real quick is that is my using the small file which is a travel file because its so small, and fits into any thing, at home I have something as a little longer and larger especially for guy like me with big hands and long fingers. It makes thing a little easier. So from here Im just filing and cleaning everything off, just like this and going in one direction okay, just going through little by little, ,going in that one direction as weve talked about and just filing everything. Again you can see the difference because it didnt look as even when I cut them with the trimmers, and all this does is just help to refine and create a more solid shape to my nails.

    Now the next tool, its kind of interesting. Next you want to use was called a buffer, to buff the surface of your nails. Again only in one direction, very light motion just like this and what all this does, is helps smooth out and gives your nails actually little bit of shine too at the same time, so it gives it -- makes it a smoother, smoother surface, just like this. So look at before and after. Now next, what you want to do, is apply cuticle oil to your cuticles. Remember those are the white strips at the base of the nails. Wait about 30 seconds for the cuticle oil to absorb into the cuticles. You can also massage it in with your fingers and Ill show you how to do this. So from here, its a very thick oil, okay and you dont want a lot, just little bit around your cuticle and it may look a little feminine what Im doing because of the dropper and the shape of the bottle but its really not, it actually gives great result.

    Its going to make my nails look that much better, okay. Now I am in let to this settle in or for -- and let my cuticle absorb it or I can start massaging it in, like Im doing right now. So it also helps and its not a bad thing because youre just giving your cuticle some moisture. So now that your cuticles are getting soft, what we want to do is we want to gently push back our cuticles using the flat end of the cuticle stick, okay. So you dont want to cut your cuticles like weve said earlier because cutting your cuticle can lead you infection and bacteria.

    So you want to stay away from cutting your cuticles and watch, Im just pushing my cuticles in, just like this, very lightly. So, now we will take the sharper side which usually could be used to clean underneath the nails and now watch any dead skin thats left over from me cleaning by cuticles, I can also remove just like this. The worst thing is when somebody comes and visits you and theyve those black strips on under cuticle, you dont want to pick it, your cuticles, alright. You want to take care of your cuticles because A, it doesnt look good and B, its very unsanitary and there is chance for infections, alright.

    So my final step is I am going to give myself a nice hand massage, using moisturizer here and when Im moisturizing my hands, Im not just focusing on my finger nails or my cuticles, Im focusing on all -- my entire hands, okay. So Ill even move it around my wrists, if you use a blackberry, you can even use the moisturizer to get some of that PDA soreness out of your hands, and wrists. So thats how to give yourself a home manicure. Up next, Im going to show you how to give yourself an at home pedicure.