How to do a Place Setting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Event manager Johari Barnes demonstrates how to set the perfect table setting, including how to do a place setting.

    Johari Barnes: Hi! I am Johari Barnes, owner of Distinctively Yours Event Management. Today, I will be showing you how to make a perfect table setting. Here we are going to talk about the actual setting itself.

    We have a damask base charger, a lot of brights and light chargers; it gives color to the table, it gives something different versus just having a plain white China or a China with a gold trim. This just gives a little bit more of a zest to the table. So I have chosen this to go along with our pattern today. In addition, I have also gone along with back and blue wine and water glasses and so we are going to place those here, more diagonal to the plate. So, this side you grab the glass that you drink from first and then we are going to talk about silverware just briefly.

    Your forks are going to go on your left-hand side of the plate with your spoon and knife on your right-hand side. This is a basic table setting. The more formal your event, you have more of all the types of silverware. So, we are going to start with the knife here. The knife turns to the plate, so that the cutting side is faced in and then you are going to make sure that the bottom of your spoon is lined up with the knife and the same thing on the other side, so it's symmetrical.

    You always want to have your dinner fork closest to the plate and again lined up with your knife and then your salad fork is going to be the smaller fork and it is going to be lined up on the other side. Now, again, if you are going to have a formal setting, you are going to have more forks going out; you are going to have a fish fork, things of that nature and then you will have a dessert fork; you could have a dessert spoon. You would also have a tea cup or coffee cup here. It just really depends on how formal you want to be, but in this particular table setting, it's going to be very simple and these are the forks and spoons that most people will use for the dinner that they will be served. Next, we are going to talk about napkins. There is always, there are tons of different ways to do napkin folds, but if you are looking for something simple, something that's not going to take a lot of time, I am going to show you one particular one. So, you can take the napkin and you are going to fold it diagonally away from you. So you have a perfect triangle here and then you are going to take your right point and bring that up to the centre. Then you take your left point and bring it up to your center. So again, you have a square and you are going to carefully flip that square over and so you don't see any of those sections who have come together. You are going to take that bottom section and fold it up just nice and slightly here and then you are going to fold the sides back very carefully and there you have a very simple, but nice napkin fold.

    Another alternative to that, so here you have another square table napkin and you are going to bring all of your points of the napkin into the center. You can do it haphazardly, it doesn't have to be perfect and then you are going to bring those points to the center again and then you are going to go underneath and just pull all those centers together, so you have like a flower setting type pull for the napkin and then you are going to put it inside your glass and again, it's just a nice, neat, easy way of putting your napkin, so it adds color, it adds height to the table, very, very nicely laid out.

    Next, we are going to talk about the accessories that go on the table.