How to do a Volleyball Pass

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Volleyball coach Lindsey Lampert demonstrates how to do a volleyball pass.

    Lindsey Lampert

    Lindsey Lampert grew up in Long Beach, CA and started playing volleyball at the early age of 7. After excelling at the junior level she earned full athletic scholarship and played Division I volleyball at the University of San Diego where she was named All-Conference in 2000 and 2001. She was named team MVP in 2001.

    Lindsey has coached at the high school and club levels in California and Virginia. During her 2nd year at NVVA, her 15 Select girls team won the East Coast Championships in 2007 which earned them a spot at Nationals in Minnesota.

    Lindsey currently coaches the 17 Select team for Northern Virginia Volleyball Association and gives private lessons in her spare time.


    Hi, my name is Lindsey Lampert, I am with Northern Virginia Volleyball Association and today I am teaching you how to play volleyball. Right now, I am going to teach you how to pass.

    In volleyball, everything starts with the pass, so, it is crucial to have proper passing technique and form. Nicole and Lindsey are going to help me demonstrate this now, for passing, your feet needs to be a little bit more than shoulder width apart. You knees need to be bent; your butt needs to be out and your back needs to be straight and you need to be relaxed on the balls of your feet. When you are waiting to pass, your arms could be hanging in front of you comfortably. When you are about to pass, you put your arms together, please remember do not intertwining your fingers. What I want you to do is take one fist and cross the other hand over it. The goal is to make the flattest possible surface with your arms, this is called the platform. The goal is to pass everything on your platform from here to here, so the flatter that this surface is, the better your pass is going to be.

    Now, Nicole and Lindsey are going to demonstrate passing back and forth. The one thing to remember when you are passing or anything in volleyball is to communicate, call the ball. There are going to be six other people on the court with you and communication is key, so you are not running into each other. Now, this is how they move behind the ball, they are not reaching, they are moving their feet. Notice, how they are calling mine every single time. Notice how their arms stay, straight out in front of them. Now, I am going to teach you how to set.