How to Do an Inside-Out French Braid

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    An inside-out French braid is a version of the classic French braid that delivers a fresh style. Also known as a dutch braid, this inverted French braid style is achieved when you cross sections of hair under the developing braid, rather than over the top of the braid. Here’s how to do an inside-out French braid.

    Female Speaker: Inside-out French braids are a great way to make any braided style look fresh and unique. By just changing one simple step the end result is much more playful and edgy, great for music festival or a date at beach.

    Start by gathering a section in the center of your head and like any french braid you are going to take sections from the outside, but the difference is you'll be crossing it under rather than over.

    With every new section, you are going to take more hair from the outside. Secure with an elastic and fuss with it until you have the desired look. I want my mine a little looser. We all love braided hairstyles. Feel free to go crazy, recreating all your favorite looks inside-out.