How To Do Kettlebell Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates how to do basic kettle bell exercises.

    John Basedow: Kettlebells are a fitness stable for body builders, but anyone can feel the benefits. Cardio strength and endurance training are easily combined into a challenging routine. Here are the top four kettlebell exercises for you to try.

    The kettlebell dead-lift targets the butt and the back. Stand with feet hip-width apart with a kettlebell next to each foot, squat to grasp each handle, and lift the weights up to a full standing position. Return to the lowered position and repeat for three repetitions.

    The kettlebell push-up is a challenging twist to the original and targets the core, back, and biceps. Assume the standard push up position with a kettlebell beneath your shoulder. Stabilize yourself and grasp the kettlebell in one hand, lift the weight backwards in a rowing motion, hold it briefly and lower it back to the floor. Repeat three times then switch to the other arm.

    The kettlebell walking lunge targets the quads and hamstrings. Start with both feet together while holding a kettlebell at chest height. Slowly perform a series of walking lunges with the weights securely held. Complete three repetitions of this exercise. The kettlebell shoulder press, one of my favorites, targets the shoulders and triceps.

    Stand with feet shoulder0width apart with the kettlebell on one hand, hold it near your shoulder, with your arms slightly vertical. Exhale and press the kettlebell upward maintaining a neutral wrist position. If it's too challenging, grip your wrist with your other hand for extra support. Complete three repetitions then switch to the other arm. Improving strength and power can be as simple as adding kettlebells to any workout routine.