How To Do The Laundry Like A Man

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn stress free laundry tips from Men’s Housekeeping Expert Tom McNulty.

    Tom McNulty: Today we're going to cover basic laundry procedure, so you don't experience any worst case clothing scenarios. Pink under wear, big white blotches on your favorite jeans or you're pricy fashion statements turned into pale little dull clothes.

    I've been there, so listen up. First, every piece of clothing has a label that tells you what the fabric is and how to wash it. Hot water, cold water, dry clean only whatever. Pay attention to these labels or you could ruin your clothes.

    Second, sort clothes by color, darks, you wash and rinse in cold water so they won't shrink or fade. Whites and lighter colors you can wash in warm water does not much need for hot-hot water. You can generally wash cotton jeans and polyester cotton t-shirts and other fabric combos together. More delicate fabrics like silk should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned, it's all on the label.

    Next, before washing check for stains, treat them with a spray, stain-remover or soak them in a bucket of water and detergent. Don't overload the washer. The water won't circulate well and clothing won't be as cleanest.

    And oh, check pockets before washing things. You don't want to ruin a winning lottery ticket.

    Newer washers are more efficient, so you can actually use about half the detergent the directions called for.

    When drying a load, clean the lint filter every time. To minimize wrinkles remove your clothing the minute the dryer stops. Give it a good snappy shake and either fold it or hang it up right-away.

    Got it guys? Housekeeping is faster and easier when you clean like a man.