How to Do Vampire Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Have you been sucked into Vampire Mania? Show your love for Vamps this Halloween by dressing up as one. Christopher Patrick a special effects makeup artist will show you how.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi! I am Christoper Patrick and I am a special effects makeup artist. We are here at the Tom Savini's Special Effects Makeup Program at Douglas-Education Center, and I am going to show you how to make a vampire bride for Halloween. We are going to fit and apply plastic teeth and we are going to create a wonderful makeup look for our beautiful vampire bride. And we are going to talk about costuming and putting a wig on your vampire to finish the look. Also we would like to give you some tips just in case you are making a vampire on a male model. There's just a few differences. We will go over that in the video. The supplies we will be using to create our vampire bride today are some vampire fangs that are reusable. We will be using the Ben Nye Ghoul kit to be using our highlights and shadows from, but we are not going the foundation from that, we are going to use a Blue Spirit instead. We will use a Ben Nye lumiere powder which is very shiny, a Mehron Pro Bruise Wheel. A couple of different types of blood. A Ben Nye Marilyn red lipstick, a Cake black eyeliner as well as a black pencil eyeliner and a variety of brushes. Also we will be using latex sponges, cosmetic sponges to apply everything today. And we have Powderpuff handy in case we need it. With our vampire makeup today, there's really no safety concerns. We are going to use pretty much straight-up makeup, so nothing to worry about. Before we get started, I just want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am part owner of ScotchWorthy Productions, a horror film company. I own a special effects firm called Something in the Basement Effects and I am an instructor at the Tom Savini Special Effects Makeup School. So let's get started with our vampire.