How to Do Water Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Susan Foster discusses how to do water exercises.

    Susan Foster: Interested in a workout, this sculpts your whole body, increases your cardio endurance and creates greater flexibility in your joints. You might want to throw your workout in the pool then. Hi! I am Susan Foster, Founder of New Attitude Exercise and for ten years, I've been teaching people how to do safe and effective water workout, that is low impact on their knees, their hips, their backs, is great for men and women, great for athletes and people of all ages.

    Let's show you how we are going to do it. First, we are going to talk about the equipment you will use for a safe and effective water workout and then we will head to the pool from water walking, basic to advance techniques. Next, we will go to chest deep water, for how to work the obliques, and chest deep water for how to do abdominal crunches that are effective. We will head to deep water to work on the obliques and to deep water, abdominal crunches and curls, for a high-powered workout. Then we will head to chest deep exercises for thigh and rear and go in the deep end for superlative work on the thigh and rear. We will wrap up with flex and stretch exercises for tight shoulders and tight lower backs.

    Let's talk about the equipment you are going to need for really great water workout. Shoes, they are must in the pool, for traction and travel. There are lots of great shoes available online. The next thing you need, if you are doing a deepen workout, is an adult floatation belt. And last thing, we will trow in some water bells for a great upper body experience, and water gloves.

    Let's talk for a minute about safety precautions. Take the normal precautions that you will with any form of exercise, get your physician's clearance before you start the exercise. Don't let the substitute for the advice and supervision of a advance fitness professional and of course, if there is any sharp shooting pains, stop your workout immediately, and consult with your physician.

    A minute about, who I am and how I started New Attitude Exercise? About 12 years ago I had small children and was a working corporate. I started doing water workouts and people, complete strangers will come up to me and say, you look great. How you get in this workout and that was in the pool? I went back to school, to college, study Biomechanics and physiology and earned a Health and Fitness Instructor Certification from the Gold Standard in the industry, American College of Sports Medicine.

    For the last 10 years I have been teaching about 260 classes yearly, in water workouts, body sculpting and yoga. I have taught college level track athletes, all state wrestler, a lot of mid-lifers, some seniors, and some teenagers. I currently love going to outreach programs, conventions, corporations and giving them like 10 minute boost of high energy, fun, spirited workouts. That's a little bit about me, let's go have some fun in the pool.