How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Danny Green demonstrates how to draw a cartoon dog.

    Danny Green: Hi, I am Danny Green. I am an illustrator and a teacher here at the Gilded Page in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are in the classroom here and today, we are going to teach you how to draw a cartoon dog.

    I generally like to start with the rough shapes in drawing cartoon animal and start with the nice round shape of the head, cool. You want to give his head a little bit, give him a little bit of snout here. Draw his jaws here, give him a big old tongue hanging out there and draw a nose here. We'll give him a nice beam body here to the dog, I will draw his hindquarters there. Dogs have this old funny curve to the leg and the rump there and then we'll draw the legs on him here.

    We'll joint for the knee there and little stumps here and we'll give him big paws like a puppy because I like that for cartoon dogs, big paws. I'll give him nice little tail here and a little curve there. We'll give him a big silly looking collar because I like that on cartoon dogs too, just a collar way bigger than his neck. So have a basic cylinder shape for that and make little ring there and get little thickness here.

    Draw the spikes on the collar, radiating out of it just draw cones. Dogs, they got the really big pupils in the eyes, there are all pupils in the eye. So now we finished our pencil layout of the dog and we're now going to start in with pen and ink. I like to use brush pen filled with the waterproof ink. Just give it a little more solid line, but more cartoon line.

    So, we'll give him a little bit of hair at the top here. Dogs have a little bit of few straight strings at the top of his head, the ears here and like a nice thick and thin line there. So we'll just move that around and brush pens give a nice taper, kind of like the old Warner Brothers and Walt Disney cartoons.

    Draw his snout, give him a little nostrils there and the snout, big nose on the dog here. Legs here, fur there, just draw this big paws just like a big puppy. Under side of his belly, we'll draw a few lines for fur there. Draw the tail here and draw a couple of little lines at the end kind of suggest a hairy tail. Put a nice tapered line for his back and hindquarters and here we are, we've got a nice black outline there.

    Now, I'll give him some color now. We'll take some pastels here and lay in some of the hard color here in dark shadow area. We'll say the light is coming from here, from near the legs here and inside here, tail and we're just laying old bit now this dark where the shadow would be on him.

    Now we are going to add some red here from the tongue and the nose and we'll put that around this or that. Now I'll actually put a blue for the collar, put little blue around the collar area, but not getting the spikes there. Now I am going to take a pencil stump here, just a blender for a pastel in dry media and we'll just start moving the brown around to filing the fur and just add some accents there and just gently smear it around. That's about it, there is our cartoon dog. Don't go away because next, we're going to draw a cartoon cat.