How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Danny Green demonstrates how to draw a cartoon giraffe.

    Danny Green: Hi, I am Danny Green, I am a cartoonist and an illustrator and an instructor here at the Gilded Page in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are in the classroom here and today, we're going to learn to draw a cartoon giraffe. Giraffes are fun animals to draw, we'll draw a few shapes for the little antlers, little round almost like mushroom kind of shapes. Then draw the long, long neck coming down and then we'll draw the chest cavity here and very long legs on him and always big knees, big lumps for the knees here. Continue under the shin and little hooves there, very similar to the horse. Giraffe seem to just taper on down at the back, very small tail, real smaller tail and not quite the lion's tail what we have.

    We'll draw a smaller tail then we'll sway back there and then little curve back here and then back down again for the hind legs. Okay, the spot should be a part of that as much as a brick and mortar apart, just gather between the spots. Looks like there we are, there is our basic shape for our cartoon giraffe. Now we move our next to adding the ink, we again use a brush pen filled with the waterproof ink, a little antlers, little antlers and correct me out, little stumps there. Just a little reindeer type of things. Draw the ears, little folds in the ears and add couple of eyes in there.

    Come down to the hooves there, lumps for the knees almost predominant than a horse. We have our tail, real small tail, occurring down there and then we'll add another little tuft of fur at the end of the tail kind of like the lion. Long, long lines for the neck and there is our outline for our hard ink line for our cartoon giraffe.

    Now we'll go with the next thing, we'll add some color. We use again yellow, we're going to put yellow in and around here and on through the body here, just add it wherever needed and all up through there. Now we're going to add some brown and big blobs of brown too because the spots on giraffe, and so we'll put lot of big blobs of brown here. Brown for the hooves, here we go, there is our color added there.

    Now we'll take our stump and we'll start smearing it around, get it situated, make him sort of a tan around there and there we are, it looks like there we have it, there is our cartoon giraffe. Please stay for next video, where next we are going to do a cartoon monkey.