How to Draw a Cartoon Horse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Danny Green demonstrates how to draw a cartoon horse.

    Danny Green: Hi, I am Danny Green, I am a illustrator, and a cartoonist, and a teacher here at the Gilded Page in Santa Fe, New Mexico and today, we are going to learn to draw a cartoon horse. We are going to start drawing the basic shape, we'll start with the drawing a couple of triangles for the ears. We'll draw his mane hair, just little quick lines just showing the hair of the mane. We'll draw the eyes and little ridges on the side of the head here, draw the head here, shape it, taper down and sort of a round and point to the mouth of the horse there.

    Taper it up to sort of two round forms tapering, tapering next to each other, just a little small mouth. Legs are very slim on horses, and big bulge for the knee there and for the hooves. I'll make rump on the horse there, draw them a little bit. Like somewhat of the dog, we have a little notch from the hindquarters of horses. So, little notches out there and then we draw and taper there and joining on the hoof there. Let's begin to draw nice curves, so it will just a nice little building tail there.

    Now we'll move on next to our ink line. We are again using a brush pen filled with ink and you got to be careful with horses, girls like horses a lot, they are very critical on how you draw horses. So, I am going to make sure we do a good job here. Lots a long elegant lines with horses, even cartoon, things like this and little fur areas for the hooves. Draw some little fur there and we'll draw the eyes, little ridges on the head here. Draw a couple of triangles for the ears, long tapering lines for the body here, under the hump sway to back there. We want to make sure it's not too sway back, and has roundness in the rump there and we'll just add our lines in and just a little quick strokes for the fur little, little quick random strokes kind to insinuate fur there, to insinuate hair.

    Okay, next we'll add some color to the horse. We'll start it with some yellow more in the mid range there, we'll just add some yellow around there. We'll add yellow and then we'll add brown a little later to make him sort of a gray yellowish tan kind of deal. Okay, we are done with that. Then we'll add a brown as well, just sort of combine the two colors and then it should make a nice yellowish tan to the horse, buff skin kind of deal. Again, adding that to the horse, fur more will just go brown, we'll just add more of the solid brown to the tail and add into that.

    Okay, now we've added our color and take our stump again, and start smearing it around and make sure color is distributed all over like we have in our previous drawings. Just keeping in mind the shape, giving him more of a round form. Okay, and there we are, we have our cartoon horse, and please stay around for the next video and next, we'll be drawing a cartoon lion.