How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Danny Green demonstrates how to draw a cartoon monkey.

    Danny Green: Hi, my name is Danny Green and I am a cartoonist and a teacher here at the Gilded Page in Santa Fe, New Mexico and today, we are going to learn to draw cartoon monkey. We'll start with the basic of head shape here. I mean fewer things really bring you more joy in life and you can acquire wealth and status whatever like that, where we can draw cartoon monkeys what's it all worth really. Then the ears, we love the ears on monkeys, nice big round ears.

    Monkeys have little bit of a snout here, so we'll draw half circle here for the snout, sort of like just a half circle shape there. We'll taper the neck down here, nice slender monkey shape there. Long, long arms, longs arms on monkeys, big old paws, little chest area like that. I always think of monkeys as being a little tiny guys like that, little tiny shrill features like that. Little bow legs on monkeys, little tiny legs on in there. Again, big old paws on in there, big paws and fingers for climbing and then the tail, everyone loves to draw a monkey tail. Everyone loves to draw a monkey tail So, we'll just draw with the rump there, we'll just draw big curve and curl it back around here. It's curled up there and there we go, there is our cartoon monkey. Move on to the next phase now, we do our ink line and brush pen filled with ink and to start having our ink line in just just little short furs, little short lines upfront that will indicate fur there, we are on the ears and inside shadow of the ears there and just round shape for the ears like that.

    Here is the snout of him, a little half curve there like a half coconut. I draw the mouth there and lips and I just like to draw a little fur bits. Again, the arms and just like lots of long elegant lines but I like to kind of terminate them with little, short little hash lines that indicate fur throughout. Nice monkey paws, little draw monkey hands, nice little stumpy curve things, little hooks on the end for climbing. Draw the toes there, a little longer on the feet there, longer toes there and little hash lines for fur and I give the monkey a little furry look. Again, a little chest of the monkey, and here we go around his legs there and little bow legs on monkeys.

    Now we'll draw the tail here, we'll draw nice long curve of the tail, curl it around and follow tufts of fur at the end there and then curl back around again and looks like the curl on monkey tails. There it is and there is our outline for a cartoon monkey. Now ready for color, and we're going to go to our pastels and we're going to add a brown and add some color on the lower regions of it here, around the shadow area and add that there and under the legs and arms, brown, brown monkeys, then we got our colors.

    So, now we are ready for a stump and we can start smearing color around and start distributing brown around here and just start getting the shadow areas here. Sort of little quick tufts to reinforce the fur look to things, color everywhere and there we are, there is our cartoon monkey. Now we've been doing some basic animals that we drawn today and we can use whatever we learned from that to draw other animals as well and I hope all this has been helpful for you and I'd like to thank you all for watching.