How to Dress for a Black Tie Event – Women

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Shopper Wendy Pilch discusses how women should dress for a black tie event.

    Wendy Pilch: Hi! I am Wendy with Spendalla Personal Shopping. I am here today with Jane to show you how to dress for an event. Let's take a look at how to dress for a black-tie event. You will notice that Jane is wearing a short black sequence dress with no pantyhose or tights and black pattern leather pumps. There is no need for her to wear pantyhose or tights to a black-tie event and the dress is appropriate because of the black sequence and the dressiness of the shoes that accompany the dress. We have also added a silver clutch to add a little accent to the dress. You will notice that Jane does not have any accessories on. She could certainly wear a bracelet or pair or diamond or pearl earrings to go with the outfit, but because of the detailing with the sequence in the dress it is certainly not appropriate or needed to wear heavy jewellery or a large necklace to go with an outfit such as this. If it were cold evening it would look great to throw a colorful Pashmina shawl over this or to wear a colorful coat on top. So, this is how you dress for a black-tie event.