How to Dress for a Daytime Wedding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Shopper Wendy Pilch discusses how to dress for a daytime wedding.

    Wendy Pilch: Hi! I am Wendy with Spendalla Personal Shopping. Today, I am here with Jane to show you how to dress for an event. We are going to take a look at how to dress for a daytime wedding event. You will notice, Jane is in a nice red jacket, almost like a trench coat, which is perfect for a spring wedding as a topper for the dress. This adds a little bit of warmth, but also an accent to the dress. You will notice that the jacket, it's just above where the dress ends. This is the perfect length for a daytime wedding overcoat. Now, let's a take a look underneath the coat and see what Jane is wearing. Jane's dress is a short sleeve, cotton lycra blend dress. It has just a hint of flower pattern to it. The reason this dress is appropriate for daytime is the fabric and also the print. It's a light, less dressy cotton fabric and the pattern has just a hint of black in it. If the whole dress were black, it would not be appropriate for daytime wear, but because of the pattern it is appropriate. We have also put a black enamel bracelet on Jane just to dress up the outfit a little bit and she is in a peep toe heel; that is again less dressy because it's a leather shoe. It does not have any pattern leather or anything shiny to it, which dresses it down perfectly for a daytime wedding event.

    Jane could also wear a brighter color dress or any type of a sundress for a daytime wedding event depending on the time of year. She does not need to wear pantyhose or tights; that myth is over. You can go with bare legs, just put some lotion and shave your legs and you are ready to go. So, this is just an idea on what to wear for a daytime wedding event. Next, we are going to take a look at what you could wear for an evening wedding event.