How to Dress for an Event – An Overview

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Shopper Wendy Pilch gives her best tips for dressing for an event.

    Wendy Pilch: Hi! I am Wendy with Spendalla Personal Shopping. Today, I am here at South Moon Under to show you how to dress for an event. So, let's go back through and remind ourselves of what we took a look at today. First, we looked at an outfit for a daytime work event and we showed Jane in a pair of jeans and a cardigan with the flat shoe and remember that jeans are appropriate for a daytime work event as long as they are dressed up with a little bit of jewellery and a nice sweater or shirt. Next, we took a look at what to wear for an evening work event. Jane was wearing a blouse and a pair of black pants with a dressy black pattern leather shoe. You could certainly wear a skirt or a cocktail dress for an event such as this, as well. The third outfit we looked at was a daytime wedding dress. Jane was wearing a cotton lycra blend dress with black and white flowers. We added a red trench to Jane's daytime dress outfit to add a hint of color and also some functionality for all types of leather. Next, we took a look at an evening wedding dress, where Jane wore a silk navy dress with a hint of yellow. We dressed it up with a tall bronze shoe that had a little bow on the front, which added a nice accent. Jane also wore a large gold bangle, which you will see is very in season and she also wore a yellow clutch to add to the outfit. In the final outfit that we looked at the black-tie, Jane was wearing a sequence dress without any jewellery and you can certainly add some small earrings or a bangle to this outfit, but because of the detail in the dress, we didn't feel it's necessary for Jane to wear a lot of jewellery; but we did put her in a black pattern leather shoe to add a little dressiness and some fun to the black-tie outfit. So these are some options for some daytime and evening events. Hope you have gotten some ideas and thank you for watching.