How to Dress for an Event – Women

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Shopper Wendy Pilch discusses how women should dress for an event, including daytime and evening looks.

    Wendy Pilch: Hi! I am Wendy Pilch with Spendalla Personal Shopping. Today, I am here at South Moon Under in Arlington, Virginia, one of my favorite places to show you how to dress for an event. We will start with the daytime work event, evening work event; next we'll take a look at what you can wear for a daytime wedding. We will look at how to dress for an evening wedding and also how to dress for a black-tie event. You will want some paper and a pencil and you want to be near your closet, so you can look through outfits that you already have to help to get some ideas.

    I have been working in the field of personal shopping and styling for 13 years now and hopefully with my experience, I can give you some ideas that you'll be able to use. So, let's get started.