How to Dress your Easter Basket

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sharon Jutten-Schneider of Saratoga Sweets demonstrates how to make your Easter basket look its best.

    Sharon Jutten Schneider: Hi! I am Sharon Jutten-Schneider and we're ready to finish our basket. We're going to dress it a little bit with some ting, we're going to put it in the plastic cello bag, add a ribbon and it'll be ready to go.

    Alright, our first step is, this is some shred ting and it comes in gold, I like this for Easter. It's kind of a luminous and nice airy dressing for the basket and we just bring it around, tuck it in. It just adds a little bit of, nice, pretty flashy ting to our basket. We drape that over things; let it just kind of fall where it's going to fall. I'd like to add some of this to the back of the basket just because people do tend to look at the whole thing and it's nice, it's a little bit of attention paid to all the little spots. As you can see it just lightens the entire basket up. There we are.

    Now we're going to get our basket into this bag. It keeps everything together; it's easy to take places. We will do the best we can to get it in there without destroying anything. There we are. Not so bad.

    And now we are going to pick a ribbon to tie up the top of this bag. I could pick pink to go with the basket, but I like colors. I am going to use a purple bow on the basket because I don't like everything matching. I think the more color and the more pop you have, the more interesting it is. So I am using a pull bow, I'd like to use the pull bows on Easter baskets. They are easy, one little pull and you've got a pretty bow. There are times I use curly ribbon, you could also use shear ribbon, some people make their own bows, whatever works for you. But for Easter there is nothing like a nice, great pull bow.

    We're just going to tie that up on the top of the basket, and then this gives me an opportunity to make some adjustments even at this point in the basket. For instance, I want this pack's head to really come around there. So I am just going to tighten this cello around it to bring it's head in a little more. Then I am just tightening the rest of this up, make sure that, that bow isn't blocking anything. And then we are going to fix these tails at the bottom. And to do that I like Packing Tape, something very simple.

    The nice thing about Packing Tape is, when used on cello it doesn't show, even if it wasn't on the bottom there. So I am just going to finish up the basket by tucking these nice and tight on the bottom. Flair that out a little bit, trim off some of these ties on the back and I think we are good to go and there's an Easter Basket really for a little girl.