How To Drive A Stick Shift

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Car expert Jumi Kim demonstrates how to drive a manual transmission car.

    Jumi Kim: Hi! I am Jumi Kim of Capital Dream Cars. Today I am going to show you how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. The first way a stick car is different from an automatic car is you have a third pedal located to the left of the brake pedal. The second way a stick vehicle is different from an automatic car is you have something called a gear box. You put your right foot on the brake pedal, your left foot on the clutch, turn on the engine, now if the car is in gear, when you turn the engine on, make sure you pop it into neural before taking your foot off the clutch. Now there are three situations when you must press the clutch, the first is when you turn on the engine. The second is when you are in gear and not moving. The third is between gear shifts. Okay my foot is on the brake right now, we are idling. Now we are going to get moving, so we are going to put our left foot on the clutch, put our gear in first, foot on the brake, left foot on the clutch, now you move your foot off the brake to the accelerator and as you give it gas, let out the clutch and we start moving. Press the clutch, shift into second gear and then repeat the same process for third and onwards.

    When slowing down, press on your clutch, pop your gear box into neutral, take your foot off the clutch and then close to a stop with your brake pedal. Then let say the light turns green before you come to a complete stop and you want to pick up speed again, so pop it into second gear, if you are going at lower speed and then just accelerate again. Here we are at a stop on a hill. So, how do we get going again without stalling or rolling backward? And the key is to move your foot as quickly as you can over to the accelerator and give it gas. Remember when you are on a hill, its okay to give a little bit of extra gas. So, let's say you have stalled. Don't panic. Put on your hazards to let the other drivers around you know that you are having problems and just start again. Put your gear in first with both feet on the clutch and brake. Turn off the engine and then try turning it on again and starting over. In a stick vehicle always use a parking brake, otherwise the car may roll, even when the engine is off.

    I hope that learning how to drive stick will make driving more enjoyable for you. See you on the roads.