How to Drop Into a Ramp on a Skateboard

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skateboarder Brian Tucci demonstrates how to drop into a ramp on a skateboard.

    Brian Tucci: Hi, I am Brian Tucci. I am here at State of Confusion Skate Park and I am going to show you some more of the intermediate skateboard skills. The next skill I am going to show you is the drop-in. Basically, with the drop-in, now that you have mastered the knee slide, you should be ready to move on. So you are going to pretty much set yourself back up on the top of the deck, put your tail over the edge of the coping, the ball of your foot on the tail. It's going to want to be -- the ball of your foot will be centered in the tail, you are going to want to put your front foot with all your weight on your back foot in front of the bolt, it's a little bit behind the bolt. Now as you -- you are going to center yourself over the top of the ramp and make sure your center of gravity is over your wheelbase. Basically, you are going to lean forward and stop your front foot down into the transition of the ramp. As soon as you do this, you are going to take off. So be sure that you are ready. Use a ramp that is not too big to start off with. Also, sometimes if you feel comfortable you can grab the nose of your board to get to the center of your weight over your wheelbase. Once you have got that feel, then you are just going to lean forward and stop your front foot into the ramp. This is going to make you take-off like this. Here are a couple of different angles of the drop-in. Be sure that you keep your weight centered over your board and push your feet all the way down to the ramp. Alright, so that was a brief overview of the drop-in. The next skateboarding skill we are going to learn is an Axle stall.