How to Ease the Fear of Moving to a Senior Living Facility

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Hammerle of Emeritus Senior Living will provide strategies for allaying the fears of a move when talking to a parent about a move from their home to a senior living community.

    Summer Hammerle: Hello! I am Summer Hammerle from Emeritus Senior Living. Today, we are discussing how you ease the fears you parent may have, about a move to a senior living community. The thought of leaving home is overwhelming for most seniors. Hesitancy, fear and sadness are all natural parts of change. Try to understand your parent's reaction to this major life decision, and be sensitive, empathetic and supportive. The first important step in this journey, is to make sure you listen carefully to them. And try to understand, what is the root of their fears. Some seniors feel a genuine sense of abandonment, when their children broached the subject, of moving to a senior living environment. However, they may feel that this move would add a financial, or time burden for their children. Also the prospect of leaving a home, where he or she lived with a life partner, raised kids, and had close neighbor friendships is hard. This is why it is crucial to work together to explore and shed light on all of the aspects of this decision. A good way to start the process, is to enlist a friend or acquaintance, who lives in a Senior Living Community to share their experiences with your parent. Sometimes, an opinion of the respected friend, who is outside of the family carries a lot of weight. Another good starting point, is to make a list of pros and cons, that will help your parent understand the specific benefits and drawbacks, of each senior living option. Ask your parent to help you create this list, and make them part of the process. Finally, you can reassure them that a move to a senior living community, would be more of a relief to you and your siblings, rather than a burden. Make sure they know, that you will have a much greater peace of mind, knowing that they are safe and well cared for. If they they're willing to consider, a move after these steps, it's time to encourage them to visit some communities with you.