How to Eat Alaskan King Crab

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Alexandra VanCleve demonstrates how to eat Alaskan King Crab.

    Ali VanCleve: Hi! I am Ali VanCleve here at Capt. Jack's Crab Shack, showing you how to cook and eat Alaskan king crab. Now, I am going to show you how to eat them. One note is that you want to eat them shortly after pulling them out of the steamer to lock in that succulent white meat to make sure that the shell doesn't get too rubbery. We will start with the big leg. There is a big hinge here, so the easiest way is just to pull up and pull out the big cartilage. That's what holds the meat in, so once you pull that out, it will release the meat and so you can that big chunk that everyone is used to seeing. So if you just kind of start breaking away, I know it looks a little barbaric, but that's half of the fun, right? And all ready, I can pull out some big chunks of meat and now we are just out of the smallest little portion of this guy. Drowned in a little butter, awesome; the taste is fit for King or Queen. So, we are going to take the big leg here and again, I have already removed the cartilage, so I should be able to pull out this meat in one big chunk. I am going to use the crabinator, originally made from a fork; this thing is just going to tear right through to expose the meat, so I can just grab it out. Insert between the shell and the meat and just pull up and I am just going to start tearing away. I am already half way and I have only used maybe three stokes. You can snap up, you can pull down, anyway to get this thing open. Alright, Oh! my goodness! Look at that, this is 100% meat and it's bigger than my hand. All you have to do is just start pulling away, I mean you can't even fit this whole in your mouth, so you have to take chunks of it, drown it in the butter, maybe share some with your friends, maybe not, depends on how hungry you are and I am hungry. It's so good and you will notice that the meat is very thick, it's very white, very tender and very juicy and this is why it is known around the world. Another part of the king crab that some people ignore is this shoulder meat and that's all of this white met at the end of its leg; everything is edible, all you have to do is just tear away and it's pretty soft, you can definitely do it with your hands if you want to. Yeah, it's pretty easy and look at that, that's all meat, do not let any of that go to waste. Next, I will show you the end of the leg. Every time you see kind of like a hinge, just go ahead and break it, pull out the cartilage and you should have the end of the meat. Sometimes you can just kind of jiggle it out, just get in there, pull it a little bit out. Take your tool, the crabinator. Stick in between the meat and the shell, pull up. Open them up. With the King crab, the shell can be very soft, so you almost can use your hands with the tool and look at that, all crab meat. Now, we will move on to the claw of the big guy. Take out a hinge, pull, just start breaking away and with this guy, he has got his claw right here in a big hinge and go ahead and pull that out and sometimes, just like now, you start to get a big chunk of meat. Another tool that you can use to get into the big claw of the King leg, it's just a regular lobster or crab cracker. Just kind of get at any point you can and just snap, oh! It's hard, may take you a couple of tries but you will get it. There we go. Snaps in two and all of the meat is just for you. And look at that, all of that 100% King crab meat. Squeeze a little lemon and enjoy. So that's how you cook and eat Alaskan King crab legs. Thanks for watching.