How to Eat Crabs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Alexandra VanCleve of Captain Jack’s Crab Shack shows you how to eat crabs.

    Alexandra VanCleve: Hi, I am Alexandra VanCleve with Capt. Jack's Crab Shack and I am here to show you how to eat a crab. There are couple of different variations but a couple of things still stay the same. First got to grab your crab, make sure there is whole bunch of seasoning on there. Turn it over, you want to grab the key, pull it out, turn it back over and use it as leverage to pop it open. Set the shell off to the side and one quick snap, you can even get in closer. Okay, this is where there are a couple of different variations. I am going to show you my personal preference. I like to just squeeze the body and that's just going to release some of the -- the not so good stuff from the good stuff. Okay. And this portion is called the back fin, that's where most of the meat is, the jumbo lump, the lump that you buy in the grocery store, this is where it's coming from. You just kind a start pulling away, kind of just like you just break it all down, the white stuff is the meat stuff which you want to go after.

    See how your crab spice is just kind of falling on the table. You are going to use that, just kind of push your meat into and just keep going. So I am going to take my first bite, pretty good. Nice, sweet white meat is what you want. There are couple of different ways you can eat it if you don't want like just spice. I have got here butter, vinegar, spice and cocktail sauce, which is a little bit spicy. My personal favorite is to just take some of the crab spice, put in the vinegar, gives it a nice taste. Swirl it around, down the hatch. Now you have to finish it off though with a cold sip of beer, just keep going. After you have eaten all of the meat in the back fin, you want to go ahead for the claws that's where a lot of the other good meat is too. There are two portions that have all of the meat in it. It's right here the base and the actual claw part. So if you just snap in two, now you can start working with your -- put your handy-dandy tools.

    It's time we are going to mash it and just start breaking away. Now if you can't get into it because it's a little bit of tough, if you have got a crab knife or just a regular butter knife will work and just start easing it out. You got to get your hands in there and you are going to get very -- so just start picking it off, as simple as that.

    Now for the base little claw, you want to try and snap it as close to the hinges right here as possible, that way you will just be able to have a big chunk of meat, or you can just mash it. It starts breaking away, there you go, the good stuff. I want to thank you all for watching and hope you enjoy your crab as much as I do.