How to Eat More and Lose Weight

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Elizabeth Rahavi discusses how to eat more and lose weight.

    Elizabeth Rahavi: Hi! My name is Elizabeth Rahavi and I work at the International Food Information Council Foundation in Washington D.

    C. Today I am going to be talking about ways that you can trick your mind into thinking eating more than you have. Who doesn't enjoy eating food, I am going to be giving you tips on ways that you can feel like you eat more than you have and also stay full longer. Lessons include weight loss, what are the things I need to know to get started? Small steps, how to make them work for you? What are the facts about fat? Physical activity where does that put in; and breakfast - what's all the news about it?

    A little note about safety before we get started, before you begin any new nutrition or physical activity routine, it's good to check with your health care provider. You can also get personalized nutrition advice from the registered dietitian by using the Find a Dietitian function at www.


    org. Now, little note about myself before we get started. I am a registered dietitian and a member of the American Dietetic Association. I work at the International Food Information Council Foundation and I have been given the opportunity to be a fly on the wall to hear what people have to say about their barriers and motivators when it comes to improving their life. It's from this education and experience that consumers have given me about what works and what doesn't works that I am going to be giving back to you today. In addition I am a lover of foods and finding ways to eat the foods that I love without gaining weight is a favorite pastime of mine. Now, lets get started talking about weight loss and the steps you need to know.