How to Eat Sushi – Nigiri

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nina from Obi Sushi in Reston Town center demonstrates the proper way to eat Nigiri with chopsticks.

    Obi Sushi

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    Nina: Hi my name is Nina and were Obi Sushi in Reston Town center and Ill be showing you the proper way to eat Sushi. First you going to need a little dish to put your Soya sauce in and then just pour a little bit of Soya sauce. I see people putting it all the way to the brim but thats not correct because then you get the rice wet with the Soya sauce and you dont want the rice to soak up any Soya sauce at all because then thats just too much Soya sauce and then without using your chop sticks, if youre real Sushi eater, youll be eating it with your hands and you just pick it up, flip it over so you dont get any Soya sauce on your rice and thats how you eat Onigiri. Usually you dont put any Wasabi, inside this dish with the Soya sauce because theres going to be Wasabi already inside Onigiri. Thats it.

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