How To Encourage Boys To Enjoy Reading

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses why boys avoid reading and suggests simple methods to encourage a love of literature.

    Ann Dolin: The Nation's Report Card notes that 53% of fourth grade girls read for fun while only 39% of boys say they do. So it's no wonder that boys on average are not as strong at reading as girls are. Here are some tips on how to help your son become a more enthusiastic reader.

    First, figure out his interest. Young boys tend to like stories about sports, animals and adventure tales with male protagonists or natural events. If you are not sure if a book is too difficult, use the Five Finger Rule. If your child mispronounces five or more words on one page, the book is too hard.

    Another option is to consider buying an eReader so that your son will be able to read along with a book that maybe just above his level and listen with the audio function too.

    Carve out time each evening for reading. During this time, relax and read aloud. Take turns, laugh together, and enjoy the moment. As soon as kids feel pressured or judged, they are less willing to read. And unless your child makes mistakes that distract from the meaning of the story, try to correct him as little as possible.

    When your child begins to associate reading with the fun of delving into a page turning book and even relaxation, he will be more likely to read independently and for pleasure later on.