How to Estimate a Border Amount

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional paperhanger Jim Tiner demonstrates how to hang wallpaper borders and estimate a border amount.

    Jim Tiner: Hi, I am Jim Tiner, professional paper hanger. Today we are hanging wallpaper borders. Right now I am going to give you the formula for estimating for the border that you need to do you in your room. Every border is standard that has 15 feet in single roll of border no matter how wide it is. With a wallpaper we knew that different width wallpaper have different lengths and roll. But borders are standard, 15 feet or 15 is the number we are going to use. We have got our number, we have measured our room. We are going to use this figure for instance we have measured our room and it was 54 feet all around the room. Now we need enough to cover. So we will take the figure 15 and divide it into 54, we will come up with three plus a remainder, and will round it up to four which will give us 60 feet of border. That should be enough including any mistakes or as will see for hanging it around any particular door or window or whatever is necessary, some other things to keep in mind. I want to talk to you little bit about problem rooms. Problem rooms are rooms like your bathroom that might have some mildew problems in it. You can still get that room to look like it has wallpaper. You will take the old wallpaper down, you clean up those walls. Make sure you wash them with some bleaching water. Paint the walls. Make sure its completely dry and then install the border of your choice in that room. When you install border in the bathroom you can install it at the ceiling. You can install it at the top of the tile. You can install it anywhere youd like but it will give the effect that it is -- there is wallpaper in that room. So that formula gives you a little extra and if you wanted to add a roll, you could always do that because you could always take it back because its better to have more than not enough. There is nothing worse than ending up short when you really want to finish your project. So next we are going to be examining our wallpaper borders.