How to Exercise with your Baby

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Michele Warsa demonstrates how to exercise with your baby.

    Michele Warsa: Hi, I am Michele Warsa owner of Fit Intuition (Ph) and Body On Purpose. Today, I am going to show the new mom how to lose weight after pregnancy. Now today I am going to be looking at some exercise that you can do in the home with your baby. Now you guys remember Amy and today we are meeting Spencer Urbatsch. He is eight weeks old. So she is eight weeks postpartum. Now usually the baby is going to determine how he or she wants to be held and if you can with this exercise position him so that he is as centered as possible whether it's going to be forward or back and depending on the age of the baby, you also want to make sure that his neck is always going to be supported.

    So with that, how he wants to be held today? I think that way. So we are going to go ahead and stand hip width apart. All the way it's going to be on the heels, toes are slightly out and you are going to take it down and up just to warm up your core and you want to engage that pelvic floor to create that lift back up and as your body starts to heat up and warm up you can take this movement deeper so that you are strengthening, toning your glutes and your quadriceps.

    So we are going to do about 8-16 reps, up to four more. There are four and three and Spencer having fun two, yes I think he likes it and one. So this next exercise that's called the dancing tree and it's one of my favorite because not only are you working your core but you are also toning and strengthening your thighs, your hamstrings and your glute. You are also working almost every stabilizing muscle that's going to support your joints. So since I don't have the baby and Amy has little Spencer here I could bring my hands up. I am going to lift my knee using my core to create that movement there. Bring it out to the side and then squeeze working the glute right in here.

    Now you could do between four and eight reps and that standing leg is also doing a tremendous amount of work and then we are going to do one more here. One two and squeeze. From here you are going to take it into a little dip, tight in there working that hamstrings, the back of your leg and back up and let's do one more dancing tree. Knee upside, squeezing the glute and all the way down and back up.

    So this next movement is going to be called the backward lunch. Now we did something similar to this at the gym, but it's a great exercise because it really does tone and strengthen your full lower body and you are just going to step back and then you are going to bring it all the way backup again pushing from the heel. You want to inhale and exhale, contracting the glute or the bump to create the movement and you want to get in between eight and sixteen of these and then you simply switch legs after you have finish the step. So these are all exercises that you can do while you are standing and holding your baby.

    Next, we are going to be doing some exercises that you can do to strengthen and tone your core, your upper body and even your legs while your baby is on the floor.